“Vidija” from Niš makes mobile fast food kitchens

“Vidija” from Niš makes mobile fast food kitchens

The company “Vidija” from Niš has been in existence since 1989 and is engaged in the production of freight platforms, elevators, metalworking, metal constructions, sinks, work tables, shanks, awnings.
Devices for lifting and carrying loads of various weight, from 50 kilograms to two tonnes,wich end up in cities throughout Serbia.
The owner Dragica Andrejevic points out for “Ekonometar” that “Vidija” worked for all big companies in Nis and Serbia,including “Idea”.
In the last few years, it has made cargo lifts from prochrome, as well as all catering equipment.

A year ago, Dragica and her associates came up with the idea to build a mobile fast food store with built-in kitchen and solar panels on the roof.
According to European standards it is a premium product made in Serbia.
The mobile kiosk store has about ten square meters of useful space, it is made of Italian polyester (wich is used in buiding yachts) from the outside and on the inside, with BASF’s fireproof fill.
The interior is made of acid-resistant INOX wich perfect for food handeling purposes.
It also has a “green” power supply,through panels wich are all over the roof.
Panels collect solar energy into an electric power supply that provides sufficient voltage for the refrigerator, a cooling cabinet with a low power consumption motor, lighting and it can operate for up to few hours (depending on how many devices are used).

In addition to the refrigerator, this kind of “mobile company” has toilet, hot water, grill gas or other heating body, showcases, as well as other appliences at the request of the costumer.
It is completely independent from any city network and can be placed in a meadow or anywhere in a city if the owner provides necessary communal licenses.

Freight platforms

– We produce cargo platforms according to our own project which is unique.
We have no breakdowns on elevators after twenty years, although they are in constant use.
Only if there is mechanical damage, say, if a forklift is hit or the goods get stuck, but this is negligible, says the owner of “Vidija”.

From hot dog to pizzeria

These unique trailers have multiple purposes – for making hot dogs, pancakes, grills, barbecue for chicken baking, chicken drumsticks and wings, for bakery products, pizza, sandwiches, beer dispensing etc…

– This is the cheapest kind of family business. It takes only a few kilograms of flour, yeast, a couple of pounds of meat, and there are not many philosophies and unpaid invoices.
Ideal for small business. This is a profitable activity and with this no one has ever failed in the European Union.
There is always enough work,you dont have to play the rent, and if there’s no work in one spot, you can always move these ten square meters where there is, Dragica says.