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About Us

About Us


Company “Vidija” from Nis, Serbia, was found in 1989 and it’s manufacturing trailers for many diferent purpuses such as Fast food,Coffee shops even Beerstands etc…
That is the best Serbian product made by European standards.
Some of the Trailers have more then 10m2 and were made from Italian poliester with BASF fireproof isolation on outside and enterior was made from Acidproof INOX.
Trailers are made in two shapes cylinder and cube in many different sizes.
For the enterior,depending on purpuse of trailer, we use anly professional tools and appliances and working space is made out of INOX stainless steel so we can make bakeries,shops,Bars,grills etc.
Our trailers have solar panels so it could sustain some of the appliances and lighting by itself what makes them unique.
Shops on wheels were constructed and built in Serbia. by domestic ingenuity and domestic materials wich is another thing that makes our products unique.
We can produce a worldclass product with affordable price.



Solar panels can give electricity from 1kW, 1.5kW, 1.75kW.


Devices made according to the latest known technology from stainless steel.


The space is of sufficient size, has a chemical toilet and hand washing water.


Clean water tank of 60-80-100L, wastewater tank of 100-120L


The requirements of the customer are to make food faster, so we use GAS.


Grilled chicken, beer club, juice, various lighting …








Dimension 8.8sqm (4000mm x 2200mm x 2200mm)

Trailer has 2 axes and impact driving shaft which makes it safe and balanced. More importantly it is safe and easy to toll.
Some of the Trailers have more then 10m2 and were made from Italian poliester with BASF fireproof isolation on outside and enterior was made from Acidproof INOX.

Electrical installation is laid out according to EU standards with a hose along the whole way additionally coated with polyurethane foam according to the Safety Law.


Solar panels depending on the size of the trailer roof can produce 1KW, 1.5KW, 1.75KW and more power.

This devices are with the saving engine, so power over solar panels can satisfy the needs of the buyer. Depending on how many devices are used, so many solar panels can withstand (6-8 hours or more).

Trailer has standard equipment: Clean water tank of 60-80-100L, wastewater tank of 100-120L.

Water can be heated by:

  • Solar panels
  • Gas boiler

Trailer floor,walking surface,is made out of 3/4 mm rubbed aliminium plate.
Under entire trailer floor surface is a chasis filled with anti-inflamatory polyurethan,
which makes it comfortable and isolated.

Electrical installation of alternating current is laid through the hose and panel additionally secured by casing.

Trailer illumination is made with economic LED bulbs.
All devices, such as refrigerators and showercases, deep-fryer, gas stove, etc. are made with the state-of-the-art inox technology.

Big energy consumers (such as grill, gyros, pancake stand, chicken convectomat grill) are made to conform to buyer´s demands for renewable energy, such as natural gas and easily replaceable gas tanks.


Why using gas and not electricity?

Due to faster food preparation.

Buyer´s requests include the need for fast food preparation, because the trailer is essentially used as a mobile fast food premise.

Under the Serbian standards, WC is mandatory for personnel, and is constructed in a room of sufficient size.

It includes chemical WC as well as running water for hygiene purposes.
It is also easily maintained.

(What else we have to offer and is not listed and shown in the photos):

Gyros, convectomat or so-called blower, chicken grill, beer taproom, fruit squeezing apparatus, various illumination, LED ribbons, roof opening.

Graphic advertisement on the trailer is custom-made for customers needs.

All devices are made of inox, gas stove and grill have hardtop hood with filters which makes it ecologically green.

Equipment for movable shop-kebab stand or store for other purposes is custom-made.

Trailer has the following purposes:

  • Bakery
  • Brewery
  • Kebab stand
  • Pizza parlor
  • Confectionery
  • Or all of the above.


Trailer is easy to toll and park because a chasis is well-balanced and made of the highest quality material.

Shafts are torsional with inertion brakes on all 4 wheels.

Trailer signalization is made according to all EU standards.
It takes up to 3 minutes from parking until beginning of food preparation.


The trailer has all the necessary documentation and is made in the HACCP standard, and the company Vidija has an international WMI number, which is sufficient for the registration with the invoice and technical inspection. We are proud of the international award of the WMI number, which, by nature, is a guarantee of the trust and success of the project.

A trailer can be purchased on a bank loan.

The price is by agreement, and it determines the devices that are installed (depending on the customer’s needs)

Delivery of the product is within 20 to 30 days. We deliver the product to all countries of Europe and the world!


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